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Empower Life Coaching 
Helps to Motivate and Meet Your Personal Goals.

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Empower Life

Empower Life Coaching is designed to provide anyone personalized (1 on 1 ) coaching  for Life skills to build stronger relationships and to achieve your personal goals. The Empower Life Coaching Process meets the client where you are and a personalized coaching module is delivered through phone calls and/or zoom sessions and times are scheduled around your busy schedule.


Key Categories of Coaching Modules:

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Building Stronger Relationships

  • Health & Wellness Coaching

  • Addiction Coaching

  • Retirement Planning Coaching

  • Financial Basics - Budget Coaching

  • Spiritual Guidance Coaching

  • Career Coaching

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Our Team
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Steve Hillis, CEO | Phone: (678) 899-1290

Atlanta, GA

  • Steve is a dedicated business professional specializing in business coaching and sales strategy development with 35 years’ experience in Sales Leadership

  • Built a commercial flooring company called Metro Flooring Companies

  • Served as President of Beaulieu Group and led the turn-around of Bolyu Commercial business

  • Mohawk Commercial Group served as Sr. VP of Marketing and then a business turnaround at Durkan Hospitality

  • Steve is CEO of Empower Partners and a coach, trainer, consultant & key speaker

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Gary Garcia, Life Coach 

Washington, DC

  • Gary has over 10 years in the Information Technology and Network Security business

  • Understands the configuring and management of computer networks.

  • Worked for Software and Hardware Technology companies 

  • Has over 10 years in Federal Service

  • Has reviewed and examined patent applications within federal service

  • Has been a board member for two non-profit organizations

  • He is an energetic, inspiring Keynote speaker 

  • Has been a business manager for church organization

  • Plays multiple instruments and plays for churches 

  • Is currently being trained for ICF coaching certification 

  • Father of 3 amazing kids and a wonderful wive

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Harold Pattillo, Life Coach | Phone: (470) 597-8415

Atlanta, GA

  •  23 years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer

  •  Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering Degree from Georgia Tech

  •  Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

  •  Certified Recovery Coach

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