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Empower Life Coaching 
Helps to Motivate and Meet Your Personal Goals.

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Empower Life

Empower Life Coaching is designed to provide anyone personalized (1 on 1 ) coaching  for Life skills to build stronger relationships and to achieve your personal goals. The Empower Life Coaching Process meets the client where you are and a personalized coaching module is delivered through phone calls and/or zoom sessions and times are scheduled around your busy schedule.


Key Categories of Coaching Modules:

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Building Stronger Relationships

  • Health & Wellness Coaching

  • Addiction Coaching

  • Retirement Planning Coaching

  • Financial Basics - Budget Coaching

  • Spiritual Guidance Coaching

  • Career Coaching

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Harold was referred to Empower Partners in May of 2021 by Must Ministries in Canton, GA. Harold had gone through a rough time with alcohol abuse and had landed in Georgia State Prison for a two-year term. He was soon moved to a transition facility and he worked at a factory while serving the remainder of his sentence. 

According to Harold, "The Empower Life Coaching was a God-send for me! I enjoyed the bi-weekly coaching calls from Steve. Our calls were early in the mornings when it was convenient for me and it kept me focused on positive thinking as well as giving me the hope for the future that I needed at that time. As the coaching process has progressed, I have learned much from the Empower Coaching program like Goal Setting and Execution, Time Management, Interviewing for a new job, How to build stronger personal relationships with Navigate and much more. Empower Life Coaching even helped me get transportation and I plan to join the Empower team of Life Coaches in hopes of coaching people to reach their goals in the future."  Harold Pattillo

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Empower Your Team Today. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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